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Money, greed, madness and legal manipulation form the foundation of Jason M. Kays' hard hitting and gritty work, Virtual Vice, the story of one man's descent into the murky and deadly dark side of Internet venture capitalism. Disillusioned lawyer Ian McKenzie's professional life takes a decided turn for the questionable when he is hired by the charismatic but dangerous Scott White to represent Scott's interests in his cutting edge Internet startup, Metropoleis Multimedia. Things escalate from questionable to deadly, and as Scott's confidant and consigliore, Ian soon finds himself caught between the Feds, La Cosa Nostra and the Cali Cartel in a fatal game of corporate winner-take-all. In an era defined by a record number of white collar crime cases, the book, based on actual events, provides a timely exploration of IT stock market scams. Fast paced and well written, Virtual Vice is filled with twists and turns that will keep you turning pages, wanting more.

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Attorney Ian McKenzie becomes mired in a corrupt corporate culture riddled with organized crime, prostitution, all types of computer crimes and IT Ponzi schemes.
Jason M. Kays

Jason M. Kays is an intellectual property attorney with fifteen years experience in both information technology and entertainment law. Kays is an accomplished jazz trumpet player and his passion has always been music, technology, and convergence of the two in today's digital age. This is his first novel.

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